Strawberry Shrub Daiquiri


1 bottle or nitro can Mockapolitan, 2 strawberries (+1 for garnish), 1/2 tsp of balsamic vinegar, a pinch of cracked black pepper & ice


Shaker, muddler, Hawthorne strainer


1. Add strawberries, balsamic vinegar & cracked pepper to the shaker & muddle until pulp
2. Add ice (Fill 1/3 of the shaker)
3. Add full bottle or nitro can of Mockapolitan
4. Close shaker and shake vigorously (approx. 5 to 8s)
5. Strain contents into a cocktail glass (Alternative serve: Pour full contents into rocks glass)
6. Garnish with a whole strawberry on the rim of the glass

Craft this drink with our Mockapolitan

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