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Espresso% Martini

“Thank you again for sending over the mocktails. They are marvellous. I've tried Espress0% Martini already, it's just like the real deal but without the hangover. I am not sure they will all last until 2024. I might have to buy some more for Dry January.” - Quote by @foodtravelinspired

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Award Winning

Enjoy your occasions all year round with our award winning drinks! Turn moments into memories with Mocktails!

The Choice You've Been Looking For

Mocktails is the first premium brand of ready to drink, alcohol-free cocktails. They are a fun and mindful lifestyle alternative - Be the Spirit!

Drink Different

Ready to serve and ready to pair. Our drink is low in sugar and calories, made with all natural ingredients, vegan friendly, and 99% recyclable packaging.

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